Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Workshop


Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) workshop

Cost: USD 70
Venue: Centurion, South Africa
Date: 19 August 2020
Delivery Method: 3 Day, Face to Face

Date: 19 - 21 August 2020


This monitoring, evaluation and learning course will help you understand the concept and importance of MEL in project design, implementation and management. Know the steps in developing a monitoring and evaluation plan, methods and tools, work plans, focus groups, effective interviewing and discussions to get the best results and get tips on writing good reports.

Who should attend?

Professionals who are interested in monitoring, evaluation and learning. This includes Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Program Officers, Project managers and any other professional involved in the monitoring and evaluation process.


Professionals with an interest in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).  

Course Content:

  • Importance and benefits of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning 

  • Differences between monitoring, evaluation  and learning

  • Monitoring,  Evaluation and Learning methods and tools 

  • Concepts of project monitoring and evaluation  

  • Developing monitoring and evaluation plans 

  • Types of data and challenges of data collection 

  •  Analysing M&E data 

  • Quantitative and qualitative

  • Atlas.Ti software- hands-on training 

  • Focus group discussion/interviews and  reporting


Registration Fee: R 1000/ USD $70 per participant

Registration fee includes lunches, refreshments, training materials and does not include travel, accommodation and other personal expenses. The participant or their institution are responsible for these expenses.

The organizers regret that they have no sponsorship to assist prospective participants. The workshop is also subject to the minimum number of participants.


*1. Please enter name and information exactly as they appear in your ID/Passport. If you are not going to travel internationally, please use any other government, employer, educational institution issued ID number.

*2. Please enter your official/work contact information below.

*3. The undersigned understands that ITOCA does not accept any responsibility for such risks as loss of life, accidents, illness, loss of property and theft incurred in relation to the participation in the capacity strengthening activities of ITOCA.

Payment for the course is due before start of the course. The undersigned also permits the CEPD coordinator to follow up on your registration with invoice and payment instructions.

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