Trainings / Workshops


2023 Training Calendar

Course Start Date End Date Duration Content
TISC Workshop 20 Feb 22 Feb 3 Days Workshops and Seminars, Technology and Innovation Support Centers
Research4Life & STM Joint Webinar 22 Feb 22 Feb 1 Day A conversation on how you can get involved to level the playing field across the research ecosystem
Capacity Development Course (Online) 13 Mar 24 Mar 2 Weeks Allowing participants to practice approaches, methods, and tools to develop effective capacity development programmes and facilitate capacity development multi-stakeholder processes
Research4Life MOOC 8th Edition 03 Apr 07 May 5 Weeks All programme course (Hinari, AGORA, OARE, ARDI, and GOALI) in English
Capacity Development Course (Face to face) 12 Apr 14 Apr 3 Days For participants who have completed all individual and collaborative activities in the online phase
Capacity Development Course ( Coaching phase) 17 Apr 17 Jun 2 Months Allowing participants to clarify any technical questions that may arise; and receive coaching on developing real-world CD plans
Search Engine for International Law and Arbitration 30 Apr 30 Apr 1 Day To provide international law and arbitration resources for free to scholars and researchers in over 80 lower and middle-income countries
PRC Webinars 15 May 15 Jun 4 Weeks Research4Life Publishing and Research Communications webinar series
Research4Life Master Trainer Course 13 Jun 14 Jun 2 Days Training the trainer course for participants in Asia
Systematic Reviews 21 Jun 21 Jun 1 Day Introduction to systematic reviews and how R4L resources would help
Research4Life GPM 17 Jul 20 Jul 4 Days Research4Life Annual General Partners Meeting
Research4Life Master Trainer Course 15 Aug 17 Aug 3 Days Training the trainer course for participants in America
Supervising Doctoral Candidate Course 16 Aug 30 Sep 6 Weeks Online Training Course for Supervisors of Doctoral Candidates at African Universities
PubMed Update 23 Aug 23 Aug 1 Day PubMed Update
PRC Webinars 18 Sep 25 Oct 4 Weeks Research4Life Publishing and Research Communications webinar series
Declaration on Research Assessment 25 Oct 25 Oct 1 Day DORA declaration
Declaration on Research Assessment 29 Oct 29 Oct 1 Day DORA declaration

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African Internship Program

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