Cost: USD6930

Orientation; participation in training workshop; one week to assist or lead facilitating training workshops; one week to job shadow information management specialists; do a project write up; and visit local heritage centres and go on a safari.

Week 1: Orientation and local visits
Week 2: Participation in training workshop (where available)
Week 3: Job shadowing in information management environment
Week 4: Lead or assist in facilitating a CEPD training workshop
Week 5: project write up option
Week 6: Guided visits to local museums, libraries, art/craft and heritage centres (where available) and a safari tour option (Victoria Falls, Kruger Game Park, Durban or Cape Town beaches)


*1. Please enter name and information exactly as they appear in your ID/Passport. If you are not going to travel internationally, please use any other government, employer, educational institution issued ID number.

*2. Please enter your official/work contact information below.

*3. The undersigned understands that ITOCA does not accept any responsibility for such risks as loss of life, accidents, illness, loss of property and theft incurred in relation to the participation in the capacity strengthening activities of ITOCA.

Payment for the course is due before start of the course. The undersigned also permits the CEPD coordinator to follow up on your registration with invoice and payment instructions.

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