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programme and its contribution to agricultural research output in African institutions (June 2012) Innovation: Journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa. Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems. Number 44, June 2012

Digital innovation for food security: a case study of the TEEAL

ITOCA – Research4Life (AGORA, HINARI, OARE) / TEEAL courses and resources in Sub-Sahara Africa (July 2011)

Eldis Communities- Chat Literacy blogs

TEEAL and ITOCA: Empowering Developing Countries (July 2011)

People in developing countries are faced with numerous challenges in their uphill battle to stay atop the latest scientific advances. All too often, top scholars in these nations are forced to rely on underfunded or out-of-date journal collections…

Committee on Development Information Science and Technology (CODIST-II) “Innovation for Industrial Development in Africa”,United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2 – 5 May 2011

Capacity Building in Library Services: Influencing Innovation and Competitiveness (May2011)

Strengthening information literacy interventions: creative approaches to teaching and learning (December 2010)

This report discusses some of the latest innovations and approaches being used in this area. It is based on a workshop organised by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) as a pre-conference seminar to the Standing Conference of the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations.

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